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Hair Growth Remedies for Home Use

It is common for people to lose strands of their hair especially when it is wet or when they comb it very often. Experts say that there is a need for some strands of hair to fall so these can be replaced with a new set of hair strands. The average strands should at least be a hundred. Once there is excess in this estimate, then you might be suffering from hair loss. Continue reading »

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Sep 062013

Causes of Hair Loss In Children

There are many causes of hair loss in children. Well in the past it was thought hair falling out was a condition which you normally get when you cross your 30 in age but these days there is a whole new trend and it had been observed that people under 20 are also experiencing the hair problem, so what are the reasons for that? Continue reading »

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Aug 062013

Female hair loss is a common problem not just for men.

Many of the women in our society are facing the problems of hair fall and even going almost bald. The cause may be any but sometime it affects the confidence of women more in comparison to their male counterparts. Continue reading »

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Jul 062013

Hair Loss in Teenage Girls & Vitamins

Hair loss in teenage girls is a common problems as well, and also the most difficult to tackle.

While healthy hair indicates good general health, hair loss can be an indicator of a deeper internal health problem. Hair loss in women has been attributed to several factors till now: stress, lack of iron or anemia, condition of the scalp, condition of vital internal organs like the kidneys, liver, thyroid etc., emotional disturbances, menstrual problems, illness or lack of essential vitamins and other nutrients in the body etc.

hair loss in teenage girlsHair loss in teenage girls generally indicates a deficiency in vitamin B1, vitamin C, lysine and iron. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties help to make skin and hair healthy by aiding body metabolism, and converting fat and carbohydrates into energy. It helps in the development of healthy collagen that binds tissues together. Hence it is effective in preventing breakage and split ends. Vitamin C is present in good quantities in Citrus fruits, strawberries, pineapple, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes and most dark green vegetables.

A daily dose of 60 mg is recommended for good health. Vitamin B1 or Thiamine aids in protein building and thus makes the hair healthy, giving it volume, shine and a good texture. This is ensured by providing nutrition to the scalp. Other vitamins that help to prevent hair loss in women are: other Vitamin B complex vitamins like Biotin, Inositol, Niacin and vitamin E. Minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium are also effective in preventing hair loss.

The most common food-based sources of these vitamins are: citrus fruits, green vegetables, fruits like pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, potatoes, green peppers, vegetable oils, soybean, raw seeds, dried beans, wheat germ oil, brewer’s yeast, whole grains, eggs, liver, rice, milk, fish, turkey, chicken and red meat. Other products found to be efficient in combating hair loss are Saw Palmetto, nettle root, pumpkin, gotu kola, eleuthero, Uva-Ursi, Muria Puama and others.

There are hundreds of products in the market today that promise to prevent hair loss. These products are generally prescribed by experts though some over the counter drugs are also available. There are companies that specialize exclusively in the production of hair loss drugs. Information about these products is also available on the Internet on the websites of these companies. However, it is better to consult a physician to know the exact cause of hair loss before using any of these products.

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Jun 102013
hair loss prevention

Hair Loss Prevention and Reverse.

Hair loss prevention is the biggest issue for hair loss sufferers, and how to prevent or reverse hair loss. This situation affects many folks at some point in their lives, and that usually causes enormous stress for most, which even accelerates the condition. Balding in not only common with men, but millions of woman are afflicted as well.

hair loss preventionThis leads to many awful infomercials about hair loss prevention, and wonder pills promising long luscious locks, or the tight-faced, full haired spokespeople that guarantee that hair transplants are your best option.

If you don’t want to believe anything, or you don’t have $50,000 to spend on hair plugs, then you should seriously consider the 100% natural Sacred Hair Growth formula solution.

1. The Diet and Hair Loss Connection

A major aspect to prevent hair loss begins with your diet. Hair is a bi-product of our bodies and is mostly made up of protein and long chains of amino acids and peptide bonds. You need to feed these structures, with a healthy well-rounded diet. For this its essential to stay away from unhealthy and processed foods. One should also try to add extra nutrients, to encourage healthy hair growth for best results. Below you will find a list of healthy foods and nutrients to aid in hair loss prevention.

  • Protein: Hair consists of 90% protein, and it is essential that you incorporate it into our diet. Think about protein, does not mean that you have to go for the animal variety. For instance, leafy, green spinach has loads of plant protein.
  • Add Iron and Zinc: Iron is responsible for the transmitting oxygen to your hair follicles. It also helps your body to use protein to grow and build healthy strong hair. Zinc aids the body in repairing and growing hair and keeps the oil glands of the hair working properly. You can take a zinc supplement, but natural sources such as peanut butter, pumpkin seeds and chickpeas are even better.
  • Don’t Cut Out Healthy Fats: Adding healthy fats to your diet is extremely important for hair growth. Fat helps the body assimilate vitamins that are essential for healthy hair. Focus on eating unsaturated fats like Omega 3’s.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is used in the body to build collagen, which is essential for producing new hair cells. If you are deficient in vitamin C it can cause the hair to become weak and prone to breakage.
  • Biotin and B Vitamins: Scientists are not quite sure how it works, but taking certain B vitamin supplements, like biotin, have revealed to increase hair growth. The ideal dose seems to be in the region of 5000 mgs, and ideally taken daily for best results.
  • Silica: Silica is one of the most essential nutrients for the hair and skin. Silica helps the hair to retain its elasticity, and helps to repair damaged hair and follicles. Its best obtained from Horsetail Plant Extract, which is a part element in Sacred Hair Growth.

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2. Stop Stressing

Ironically, the feeling of stress from hair loss is also about the worst thing for preventing it. Prolonged periodshair loss prevention of stress trigger the body to go into survival mode. All of your body’s energy and nutrients are used to maintain essential body and organ functions, which leaves your hair unprotected and unfed. In some extreme cases, clients will develop patches of Alopecia, which causes the hair to fall out in big patches. The good news is, it seams that after the body heals from stress, stress related hair loss tends to reverse itself after a few months, though this is not always the case.

3. Limit Chemical Treatments

For best hair loss prevention, avoid excessive bleaching, chemical straightening and perms can lead to damaged hair and breakage. Constantly using flat-irons, curling irons and tightly pulling your hair back can lead to the same fate. It is very important to educate yourself about protecting your hair. If your hair is starting to become brittle from chemical treatments, you should look into using protein products.

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Jun 062013

It wasn’t until his mid-fifties that my father started losing his hair. I remember the boxes of lotions, creams, heating massage pads that kept coming to his house (much to my stepmother’s chagrin). But his hairline kept receding and a decade later, only a well-greased tuft remained on the crown of his head. Continue reading »

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Apr 262013

Symptoms of Hair Loss

The symptoms of hair loss or balding is becoming one of the most common problems for people. This is because more and more factors contribute to it compared before. Called “alopecia” by experts, hair loss can be categorized into permanent and temporary baldness depending on the condition the person is in. Continue reading »

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Oct 072012

Another great herb for hair loss is Horsetail Extract

Horsetail extract has a recorded history going back to the Devonian period, almost 400 million years ago. The plant at that time was as tall as a modern palm tree.

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Horsetail, not to be confused with cat-tail, is possibly the most abundant source of silica in the plant kingdom, so much in fact that the herb can be used for polishing metal.

It got the name “scouring rush” from this very application. It has had other uses during the ages including being used for kidney and bladder ailments, and as an ingredient in shampoos, skincare products, and in dietary supplements. It has been used as an American folk remedy for gout and gonorrhea, and in traditional Chinese medicine for dysentery with blood, sore throat, and malaria.

Modern herbalists usually use it for kidney stones, urinary tract infections, inflamed prostates, and anemia. The German E commission describes its use for urinary tract problems and as a diuretic. Horsetail Extract is an active ingredient of Sacred Hair Growth.

Sacred Hair Growth contains the best herbs and ingredients on earth to stop hair fall, and encourage natural hair re-growth. Visit http://SacredHairGrowth.info for product orders, or the FREE eBook “Top 10 Reasons For Hair Loss.”

Learn about the complexity of hair loss from this eBook, so that you can find the complex answers, and make a logical decision. You’ll discover the 10 most common mistakes or bad decisions leading to hair loss and balding.

The Sacred Hair Growth formula contains eight essential ingredients to give your hair and scalp nutrients to replenish its health and function. The primary ingredient is Zhi Shou Wu, a Chinese herb also known as Fleece Flower Root, but there are seven other important herbs.

More specifically, the ingredients are… Astragulus, Rehmenia, Poria, Chuang Xiong, Nettle Extract and Horsetail Plant. These ingredients work together in synergy to assist not only the primary ingredient, but also provides the ideal balance for nutrients to enhance proper blood flow, scalp health, oxygen circulation, and balancing hormones. As an added bonus, general health improvements have been achieved, and this is why for best hair growth remedies, nothing comes even close to Sacred Hair Growth.

It is also great for restoring gray hair to its natural color, and has many other benefits from the various ingredients. It not only strengthens your hair, and assists your hair growth, but also helps with sleeping problems, backaches, neurasthenia, and palpitations. It also helps constipation relief and lowers cholesterol, and magically replenishes the vitality of the liver and kidneys.

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